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bnl sponsors Bahrain Basketball Association, which was attended by Mrs. Enas (General Manager of bnl) and Mr. Walid Al-Alawi (Chairman of Board of Directors of Bahrain Basketball Association).

Mr. Walid Al-Alawi affirmed that bnl’s sponsorship of their activities and events will have a positive impact on their competitions and events and will contribute to the association’s success. He believes that adding bnl to their list of sponsors will be a great addition and will contribute to achieving distinguished appearance and developing the general level of competitions.

He added that the Bahrain Basketball Association appreciates bnl’s interaction and sponsorship, which clearly reflects the strategy pursued by the company to care and support youth and sports in the Kingdom, which confirms its role in achieving partnership between private sector and other authorities, especially in the sports sector, which also complies with the directions of His Majesty, King Hamad bni Isa Al Khalifa in developing sports in the kingdom.

From her side, Mrs. Enas expressed her honor to join bnl to the list of sponsors of the association, affirming that the company didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation presented by the association especially since this participation comes as a part of the company’s continuous commitment to supporting healthcare, youth and sports sector. That is in addition to its commitment to supporting Bahrain’s 2030 vision of developing and embracing youth in various fields.

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