Health Insurance

I am a new member to the scheme but before joining I suffered from a Peptic Ulcer. Will the treatment for this condition be covered?

No, Unless stated in the Schedule of Benefits, medical expenses related to any pre-existing condition are not covered under the Scheme.

Can I claim for pregnancy expenses?

Yes, If applicable under the Policy and stated in the Schedule of Benefits; expenses incurred in connection with the pregnancy are covered subject to a sublimit and a waiting period. (Please refer to Sub-limit, Conditions and Exclusions of the Policy).

Supposing a Bahrain medical authority refers me to a clinic/hospital abroad if treatment is not available locally, will the air passage and hotel bill be paid for?

No, only the cost of the hospital/medical bills will be paid for, subject to the Policy Terms.

Is treatment for narcotic or alcohol addiction covered?

Unfortunately, not. Drug/narcotic abuse and treatment for alcoholic addiction are not covered by the Policy.

I need a pair of spectacles. Can I claim for this under the Medical Insurance scheme?

Unless stated in the Schedule of Benefits, Insurance will not provide any optical. There is coverage only if injury is caused to your eyes due to an accident.

What element of optical cover do I have?

Some of our Plans cover anything related to the ability to see. This includes vision tests, error of refraction, decreased vision, hypermetropia, myopia, astigmatism, anisometropia and presbyopia.

How quickly must I submit claims to the insurance company?

Claims must be submitted within a maximum period of 30 days.

How long does it take to settle a claim?

Provided that the original Claim Form is fully completed and accompanied by all required original invoices and receipts; the claim will be paid within 14 working days.

Are children covered when they are at school or college abroad?

No, the Scheme only applies to those who are residing with you in Bahrain.

If I am on a business trip abroad, and an accident occurs requiring an air ambulance and travelling doctor in attendance to a hospital in a different country. Is this an insured expense?

Yes, please refer to your Schedule of Benefits.

How much do I have to pay towards the costs of treatments?

You will bear an excess and/or a deductible towards the costs of treatment. Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits.

Am I fully covered outside of Bahrain?

You are covered up to the Maximum Annual Limit as stated in the Schedule of Benefits. However, treatment outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain is reimbursed as per reasonable and customary charges applicable in Bahrain or the actual cost; whichever is lower.

Should I leave, resign, or retire from the existing company that I working for – will my cover still be available?

The Cover ceases automatically once the Member leaves employment. This includes the employee’s dependents as well.

Does your Medical Insurance scheme cover IVF treatment?

Test or treatments relating to infertility, contraception or sterilization are excluded under our Policy.

Is pre-authorization of treatment necessary?

Pre-authorization is required for the following:

  • All non-emergency day care and in-patient procedures. Emergency conditions do not require pre-approval, but shall be notified to us within 24-48 hour from the admission date.
  • Out-patient treatments exceeding BD75, any CT scans, MRI or physiotherapy sessions.
How does a deductible work?

Excess (deductible) is the proportion of costs of each claim borne by the member as specified under the Schedule of Benefits.

Can I include my children to my plan?

You can include any unmarried children under the age of 24 years onto your Plan from the inception of your cover as well as your new born child during the period of the Plan.

Can I choose the hospital for treatment?

Yes, you can choose which Doctor will treat you and in which hospital/clinic within the Network Providers Directory.

Do I have to pay an excess (deductible) on follow up visits/consultations?

The excess will be payable for each out-patient visit. No deductible is payable for a follow-up within 7 days for the same ailment and with the same Doctor, whether in or outside the Network Providers.

Is routine dental treatment covered?

Yes, emergency and routine dental treatment for the immediate relief of pain and for the restoration of natural teeth, including x-rays, extractions, root canal treatment and gum treatment up to the annual sub-limit as mentioned in your Schedule of Benefits, but excludes, bridges, crowns, orthodontic and other type of dental treatment.

Life Insurance

What happens if I fail to make the required premium payments?

You have a 30-day grace period to pay the premium or the policy will be lapsed, subject to the terms and conditions stated in the Policy wording.

Can I increase my cover or change the term of my policy after it has already started?

Yes, subject to a fulfillment of a set of underwriting requirements.

Is there a limit to the amount of cover I can take out?

Yes, a financial underwriting process will be conducted, and from that a specific sum assured will be disclosed to you.

Can I have multiple life insurance policies?

Yes, there isn’t a specific limit on how much coverage you can buy. However, it will need to be financially reasonable. When you apply, we may ask about your current coverage, income and assets.

If I am diagnosed with terminal illness, can I make a claim straightaway?

Yes, depending on the medical report provided and the waiting period specified in the policy terms and conditions.

Who can be a beneficiary for my life insurance policy?

Your immediate family members, your spouse, and your children.

How many years should I choose for my policy?

Level term assurance policies can cover an individual up to the age of 65. The decreasing term assurance policies can cover an individual up to the age of 74.

How is my life insurance premium calculated?

There are several factors that influence the calculation of the life insurance premium, such as: your age, your health condition, your policy sum assured, and the duration of your policy.

What is covered under life insurance?

Death due to any cause is the primary cover. You can add any of the following benefits to your policy:

  • Permanent total disability,
  • permanent partial disability,
  • accident and sickness,
  • or accident only,
  • accidental death benefit,
  • passive war risk,
  • passive terrorism
  • critical illness
  • terminal illness
What happens to my insurance if I move to another country?

Coverage is worldwide, subject to you being a resident in Bahrain during the inception of the Policy.

What happens if I can’t afford my premiums anymore?

For life insurance policies, your policy will be lapsed and canceled if not paid within the 30-day grace period. For investment policies, your policy will be lapsed and will be surrendered and you will be paid based on your contribution to the policy specified in the Surrender Value Table.

Can I change my beneficiary after the policy has been issued?

Yes, only the Policyholder has the right to change the beneficiary.

What is the time limit to submit a claim?

There is a claim notification period stipulated in the policy, if all sufficient documents have been submitted within this period, then the claim will be processed and payable.