Global Healthcare Plan

bnl is the local partner for Aetna, an American-managed healthcare company, which operates internationally and is committed to providing individuals, employers, and healthcare professionals with innovative solutions, and comprehensive plans. 

Aetna provides international healthcare cover to millions of members all around the world, and has built an enviable industry reputation for tailor-made products and service excellence. 

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Types of Plans Pioneer 1750 Pioneer 2500 Pioneer 4000 Pioneer 5000
Overall Plan Limit 1,750,000 USD 2,500,000 USD 4,000,000 USD 5,000,000 USD
Area of Cover 6 different Areas options to choose from
Inpatient and Daycare Treatment
Outpatient Treatment
Cancer Care
Psychiatric Treatment x
Congenital abnormalities x
Organ Transplant
Dental Treatment x x Optional Optional
Maternity x Optional Optional Optional
Wellness - routine health checks x x
Annual excess Options: USD 0, 1000,2000,4000 or 8000 x x x
Outpatient coinsurance x 0%, 10%, 20% or 30% 0%, 10%, 20% or 30% 0%, 10%, 20% or 30%

Key Benefits

  • Inpatient and daycare benefits
  • Outpatient benefits
  • Additional benefits: Repatriation, cancer care, organ transplants, rehabilitation, etc.