There can be no more than one payment of sum insured for each insured under this cover. The Critical Illness benefit is a 100% pre-payment (=acceleration) of the benefit of the basic death cover to which the Critical Illness cover is a rider; the benefit for death cover is reduced by the sum insured paid out under the accelerated Critical Illness rider.
If death occurs as a result of an accident, this benefits pays an additional amount equivalent to the sum assured.
All medical expenses incurred due to an accident, either directly and independently of all other causes from a bodily injury effected through external, violent and visible accidental means within 90 days of such accident, the Company shall reimburse the above defined medical expenses, subject to a maximum liability.
Type of medical care that uses substances, surgery, and treatment specifically targeted against the medical condition and intended to cure the medical condition. This term is generally used to describe the conventional medicine.
Healthcare services and treatments that is alternative to the conventional allopathic medicine. E.g. acupuncture; acupressure, hypnotism, Rolfing, massage therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathic treatment, and all forms of treatment by using alternative medicine.